JUMBO DEAL 6+2 【Packed】

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Original price was: RM550.00.Current price is: RM460.00.

Note: Fresh Durian delivery will be arranged from 11.00 am-7.30 pm depending on the fresh durian arrival time from the orchard in Raub, Pahang. Thank you for your patience.

A Farm to Table concept in Malaysia: At Durian Hill, we aim to provide our award-winning fresh Durians harvested in Malaysia.
You no longer have to:
• Queue
• Find for parking
• Struggle to find your durians under sunlight or stormy weather

We will now deliver straight to your doorsteps.

Award & Accolades
>> 2019 Musang King Champions @ World Durian Championship, Malaysia Edition
>> 2019 King of Kings Overall Champion @ World Durian Championship, Malaysia Edition
>> 2019 Tekka Champion @ World Durian Championship, Malaysia Edition
>> 2018 Musang King Champion @ World Durian Championship, Malaysia Edition
>> 2018 Tekka Champions @ World Durian Championship, Malaysia Edition

*Last call for Next Day Delivery is before 6pm, after which would be delivered the day after Next.
ie. Order@ 8pm on Mon, delivery will be done on Wed.
ie. Order@ 4pm on Mon, delivery will be done on Tue.

*Last call for Same Day Delivery is before 12pm, after which would be Next Day Delivery
ie. Order@ 3pm on Mon, delivery will be done on Tue.
ie. Order@ 10am on Mon, delivery will be done on Same Day.

*Delivery will be from 11am-7.30 pm
*Delivery Charges will be between rm12 – rm30 depending on the area of delivery (by postcode, please check delivery rates at check out).

Whatsapp >>>>>>>>, if your postcode is not found.




Registered Clone D24 & Award Winning MSK COMBO

Weight: 400g ++
Fresh Fruit with Vacuum Packed

* Processed from Grade A D24 durians and Grade A MSK durians.
* Packed in crystal clear packaging film.

D24 fame is only second to Musang King. It has a creamy pale yellow flesh and has a wholesome yeasty sweetness with an alcoholic-like sting at the end. A total pleasantry to the tongue.

Quality Control

All our orchards are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, and FAMA of Malaysia. Good agricultural practices in the use of chemical fertilizers, Herbicides, and Insecticides adhere strictly for safe human consumption.

Quality is our foremost aim and we always strive to deliver an unmatched quality range of products to the clients. In order to meet high-quality standards, we check these products on various parameters, right from the possessing to the packaging and till the final dispatch to the clients.

Note: Upon receiving the durians, it is advisable to consume them immediately or store them in the fridge/freezer to preserve the taste and freshness.


  1. Randy Wright (verified owner)

    I must admit that when I first considered this online purchase I was skeptical 🤔: we’re talking about a raw fruit, uninspected by myself, being shipped by a courier to my home several kms from the store! At first glance, there seemed to be too many “red flags” to warrant the purchase.

    But, I took the plunge.

    And happily, this was one of my most wonderful experiences with online shopping ever! 😍

    I think it all boils down to the integrity and sincerity of Durian Hill as a dealer. It starts with fresh durian fruit, professionally picked and carefully removed from the husks, lovingly packaged in resealable plastic containers, then vacuum-sealed in heavy-duty plastic bags, and the packages themselves securely bagged for hand-off to a courier. On top of this, Durian Hill ensures same-day delivery to your home by quick and efficient transport. The result: a luxurious dining experience with the holiest of tropical fruits — the Durian!

    Thank you, Durian Hill! You made this purchase a delightful process, and I will definitely “speed-dial” you for additional durian deliveries in the future!

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