Frozen Musang King Durian Paste

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Our durians are originated from Raub, Pahang. We only select the best naturally harvest durian and utilize the blast – frozen process to effectively preserve the taste and nutrition of the fruit. The durian paste are best used for making desserts, sauce, spread & baking.


*Last call for Next Day Delivery is before 6pm, after which would be delivered the day after Next.
ie. Order@ 8pm on Mon, delivery will be done on Wed.
ie. Order@ 4pm on Mon, delivery will be done on Tue.

*Last call for Same Day Delivery is before 12pm, after which would be Next Day Delivery
ie. Order@ 3pm on Mon, delivery will be done on Tue.
ie. Order@ 10am on Mon, delivery will be done on Same Day.

*Delivery will be from 11am-7.30 pm
*Delivery Charges will be between rm12 – rm30 depending on the area of delivery (by postcode, please check delivery rates at check out).

Whatsapp >>>>>>>>, if your postcode is not found.


  • Packaging: Vacuum packed


  • Storage: Immediate consumption / Store in the freezer for longer shelf life ( -18℃). Defrost the paste under room temperature for 2 -3 hours before consumption.


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